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DataMan Verifiers Ensure Data Matrix Code Quality and Contract Compliance 2D Data Matrix codes—critical to product traceability.


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DataMan Verifiers Ensure Data Matrix Code Quality and Contract Compliance In addition to breakthrough code reading, there are DataMan® products for every step of the direct part marking (DPM) process, including quality verification, and data validation. Easy-to-use and reliable DataMan products enable quality control solutions for applications that require the highest read rates for 2D Data Matrix codes—critical to product traceability. DataMan 2D Data Matrix Verifiers feature: Fully integrated designs. Lighting, camera, positioning and software all in one package. Compliant results. Meet industry 2D code quality standards. Ease-of-use. Two model options—handheld or fixed-mount—provide maximum flexibility. DataMan Man Handheld Verifiers DataMan 7500 Handheld barcode verifierCognex brings a technology “first”... portability. DataMan 7500 Series Verifiers offer the only compliant handheld verifier available for superior ease of use and cost effectiveness. This enables manufacturers to perform verification on the factory floor, rather than at a remote or fixed verification station. Integrated Lighting. 30 degree dark field lighting is ideal for verifying nameplates and other flat parts. Two Model Options. Corded and cordless models provide maximum flexibility (especially useful for larger parts). Mechanical standoff. Ensures uniform illumination and a fixed working distance. Reliable. Compliant results to the AIM DPM Quality Guideline 2006-1. DataMan Fixed-mount Verifiers The Cognex DataMan 100 Verification System provides you with a flexible solution to verify the widest range of parts that conforms to the ISO 15426-2 verification system standards. Flexible Mounting. Mount to a fixed location or used the optional adjustable stand. Flexible Lighting. Adjustable 30/45 degree low angle lighting and 90 degree DOAL lighting for the widest range of parts and mark types. Flexible Optics. Verify codes with cell sizes as small as 7.5 mils to overall code sizes of 1 inch or 25mm. ISO 15426-2 Compliance. Comply with the results of ‘Judge’ certified cards from GS1. Capable. Compliant results for the AIM DPM Quality Guideline 2006-1, ISO 15415 and AS 9132. Easy Set Up. Control box with integrated I/O, power and lighting quick connect cable. DataMan 100 bar code verifier DataMan 100 Verification System, pictured with the optional 10-inch X-Z adjustable stand DataMan Verifier Accessories To simplify and speed up the system integration process, Cognex offers a wide range of optional accessories designed specifically for use with DataMan Verifiers. DataMan Calibration Card for 2D barcode verifier DataMan Calibration Card The calibration card establishes a reference for part surface reflection values as well as reference for actual printed cell size of 2D codes. The card is NIST SRM-1930-90 Certified. DataMan 7500 Series Standoff for 2D barcode verifier DataMan Standoff The standoff is inserted into the light pipe of the handheld verifier to provide optimized working distance for lighting during verification applications. It can also be used to provide consistent reading distance in non-verification applications.





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